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Two Bean Bears- (1) Blue with a white ribbon around the neck and white bow on head. Initials "MWC" on left chest and "Mary" on left foot. (2) Gray with blue ribbon around neck. Initials "MWC" on left chest and "Washington" on left foot.

Ceramic wall hanging of a face with bright red lips. The residents of Westmoreland Hall dormitory had the tradition of kissing "Petulant'" good night to ensure good luck and heart's desire.
The back of the mascot has signatures of residents of…

The silver mace is carried by the marshal in academic processions. The mace has a slender dark-red leather-covered shaft. The top of the mace bears the seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia. On top of the enlarged body of the mace is engraved:…

Wood plaque with metal sculpture of Greek design. Titles read, "Alpha Tau Pi Scholarship, Loyalty, Achievement."
Six metal recipient tags are below the sculpted design.

Black, flat-topped graduation cap with gold tassel and royal blue velvet hood with black and blue lining.

Silver-plated table knife, "F.S.N.S." engraved on the lower end of the handle. Ms. Lillian Craig had the year 1915 engraved on the top of the handle before donating it to Mary Washington College.

Sterling silver bowl engraved with tobacco leaf and dogwood rose designs. This award, established in 1971, acknowledges an individual faculty member for distinguished teaching. Carmen Rivera, Modern Language professor, was the first recipient.

Wood, shield-shaped plaque with small wooden gavel and brass label. Label reads, "Best Delegation, Security Council"

10 k gold pin with four jeweled triangles joined in the middle by a circle inscription 'FSNS' (Fredericksburg State Normal School). A small gold chain connects the jeweled number '26.' Both pieces have clasp pins on the back. The initials K.M.M. are…

10 k gold ring with green jewel inlay, etching of college seal and the words "Fredericksburg State Teachers College" engraved around the stone. Initials inside the ring, "E.G."
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