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Yellow T-shirt with black lettering, "Could You?" Reverse is blank.
This T-shirt was part of the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Ride. Other T-shirts marking the occasion said, "Would You?" and "Will You? Get on the bus."

Black T-shirt with yellow lettering, "Multicultural Fair April 6, 2002, Mary Washington College." Reverse side is an image of the earth and lettering in yellow, "Peace Through Understanding."
The multicultural fair is held each year in the spring…

Orange T-shirt with black lettering, "Mary Washington College Multicultural Fair." Reverse," Multicultural Fair" and images in red, blue, green, and purple.
The Multicultural Fair was created in 1991 and was not only popular with students, but the…

Gray,short-sleeve T-shirt with navy lettering, "Memories Shine Bright at 86th Night." Reverse side reads, "Did We Have A Good Time Last Night?"
The 75th anniversary commemorated a proud history at the college and gave students, faculty, community,…

Green T-shirt with white lettering, "mdub 06." The reverse is blank.
The attainment of university status in 2004 also created a long debate over the institution's name change especially among faculty and alumni. Most students at the time seemed…

Red T-shirt with black lettering and images of a "devil" and a "goat" boxing. The reverse has the devil image and lettering.
This long standing tradition of competition began in the 1920's and pits odd year graduating classes (Devils) against even…

Gray T-Shirt with navy lettering, "Mary Washington College Equestrian- 1908." Image of horse and rider in white. The riding program at Mary Washington is one of the oldest continuously active club sports on campus having begun in 1934. Under the…

Blue, long-sleeve T-shirt with black lettering, "I Survived the Burning Bush, 12-5-80." This references the worst fire in Mary Washington's history in the Bushnell building which was started by a cigarette left burning in one of the dorm rooms. The…

Navy blue, short sleeve T-shirt with white lettering, "Mary Washington College, I Was Here Before U." The back is left plain. This slogan references the name change from "Mary Washington College" to "University of Mary Washington" in 2004.

Long sleeve, black shirt with neon-green lettering. Front: "25 Years of Haunting Fredericksburg, VA. Back: "25th annual Ghostwalk."
The Preservation Club annually participates in the Fredericksburg Ghostwalk by guiding tours and representing…
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