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Wooden oval plaque with lazer engraved eagle and lettering, "MWC Intercollegiate Cross Country."

Shield-shaped wood plaque with brass crest and inscription, "Semper Progredi." (Translation, "Always progressing, always moving forward.")
This plaque was presented to President Grellet Simpson along with the "Blue Heart" medal by LT GEN Lewis…

Wooden Plaque with engraved brass plate, "Outstanding Young Republican Club of the Year, 1967-68 Mary Washington College." The Young Republican (Young Democrat) clubs include student activists that sponsor campus debates and promote party involvement…

Plaques, Young Republicans College Club
Wooden plaques (3) in the shape of a shield with engraved brass plates. (1) "Outstanding Virginia College Republican Club" (2) Most Improved College Republican Club" (3) Outstanding College Republican Newsletter." The Young Republican (Young…

Wooden oval plaque with Lazer engraved eagle and lettering, " MWC Intercollegiate Track and Field."

Wood, shield-shaped plaque with small wooden gavel and brass label. Label reads, "Best Delegation, Security Council"
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