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Blue, wooden pole with brass knob head and brass fitting on the bottom. A gold braid and tassel crosses the middle of the pole.
The all-girl marching band of Mary Washington College was under the direction of Ronald W. Faulkner and was complete with…

Blue, circle felt patch with white trim and lettering, "Mary Washington College Band." This embroidered emblem is part of the embellishments on the all-girl marching band uniforms. The band garnered attention for musicianship and for its appearance.…

Felt, embroidered patch with lettering,"MWC Band." This emblem would have been part of the all-girl marching band uniform embellishments.

Blue Ribbon Award presented to Mary Washington College band. A distinct novelty for the times, the all-girl marching band, under the direction of Ronald W. Faulkner, participated in parades and competitions all over the Virginia commonwealth.

Fifty-six individual figures made of photographs on paper attached to wooden sticks. Sticks are stapled to small blocks of wood for standing stability.
The All-Girl Marching Band was a distinct novelty for the times, complete with majorettes and…
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