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Thirty-three arrow/spear heads of assorted sizes made of stone. These artifacts were found on Brompton (Fredericksburg, Virginia). The University of Mary Washington acquired the Brompton estate in 1946.

Fifty-six individual figures made of photographs on paper attached to wooden sticks. Sticks are stapled to small blocks of wood for standing stability.
The All-Girl Marching Band was a distinct novelty for the times, complete with majorettes and…

White circular beanie with purple pom-pom on top. The initials "MWC" are stitched in purple.

Silver pin with image of a devil holding a prong fork, the letters "MWC" are on its chest. This broach is part of the long standing tradition of Devil/Goat Day and the rivalry between students graduating even years (Goats) and those graduating odd…

10 k gold pin with four jeweled triangles joined in the middle by a circle inscription 'FSNS' (Fredericksburg State Normal School). A small gold chain connects the jeweled number '26.' Both pieces have clasp pins on the back. The initials K.M.M. are…

Pin with a dangling engraved image of Mary Washington's college seal below a sterling silver bow with clasp on the back.

10 k gold ring with green jewel inlay, etching of college seal and the words "Fredericksburg State Teachers College" engraved around the stone. Initials inside the ring, "E.G."

Dismantled cement block from the smokestack of the Physical Plant Building at Mary Washington College. This block has a thin white tile covering on one side to form part of the lettering "MWC." This 168-foot stack had two-thirds removed in May of…

Red, rectangular brick (1). Salvaged from the demolition of Chandler Hall in 2013. This building was built in 1928 to establish an on-campus facility wherein teacher training could be conducted. The "Campus Training School" was renamed Chandler Hall…

Ivory gavel with brass ring circulating the width of the head. Inscription reads, "Presented to the Honorable Daniel F. Cohalan Supreme Court of the State of New York by the Napper Tandy Club."
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