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Round glass on wire frame that curves over the ear. The case is brown and black with facsimile of reptile skin markings.
Benito Perez Galdos was a Spanish author, playwright, and politician in 19th century Spain. The glasses and case were a gift…

White plaster cast disks (2) with lettering, "Colgate W. Darden, Jr. 1947-1959, President of the University of Virginia."
"Darden Medal Awarded to _______ for Scholastic Achievement, Mary Washington of the University of Virginia."
The Darden Award…

Black T-shirt with yellow lettering, "Multicultural Fair April 6, 2002, Mary Washington College." Reverse side is an image of the earth and lettering in yellow, "Peace Through Understanding."
The multicultural fair is held each year in the spring…

Orange T-shirt with black lettering, "Mary Washington College Multicultural Fair." Reverse," Multicultural Fair" and images in red, blue, green, and purple.
The Multicultural Fair was created in 1991 and was not only popular with students, but the…

Blue, circle felt patch with white trim and lettering, "Mary Washington College Band." This embroidered emblem is part of the embellishments on the all-girl marching band uniforms. The band garnered attention for musicianship and for its appearance.…

Felt, embroidered patch with lettering,"MWC Band." This emblem would have been part of the all-girl marching band uniform embellishments.

Blue Ribbon Award presented to Mary Washington College band. A distinct novelty for the times, the all-girl marching band, under the direction of Ronald W. Faulkner, participated in parades and competitions all over the Virginia commonwealth.

Purple velvet hood with lilac satin lining.
James Farmer was appointed as Commonwealth Professor of History at Mary Washington College in 1985. His rich, resonant voice and gift of storytelling enthralled students and faculty. With…

Black, flat-topped graduation cap with gold tassel and royal blue velvet hood with black and blue lining.

Academic Regalia in royal blue with black velvet trim down the center and on the sleeves.
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