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The silver mace is carried by the marshal in academic processions. The mace has a slender dark-red leather-covered shaft. The top of the mace bears the seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia. On top of the enlarged body of the mace is engraved:…

This shovel was presented to President E. H. Russell as a souvenir in appreciation of his splendid work in the organization of the State Normal and Industrial School for Women at Fredericksburg. It was used by Mayor H. Lewis Wallace to break ground…

Tan, wool blazer with gold buttons and a chest pocket with the Mary Washington College seal and lettering, "Mary Washington College, University of Virginia, 1966." Blazers were worn by various groups and clubs.

Wooden oval plaque with lazer engraved eagle and lettering, "MWC Intercollegiate Cross Country."

Black, wool blazer with gold buttons and a chest pocket with Mary Washington College seal emblem and lettering, "Mary Washington College, University of Virginia, 1968." Blazers were worn by students of various clubs and groups.

Blue, wooden pole with brass knob head and brass fitting on the bottom. A gold braid and tassel crosses the middle of the pole.
The all-girl marching band of Mary Washington College was under the direction of Ronald W. Faulkner and was complete with…

Yellow T-shirt with black lettering, "Could You?" Reverse is blank.
This T-shirt was part of the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Ride. Other T-shirts marking the occasion said, "Would You?" and "Will You? Get on the bus."

Blue cotton smock with white scalloped collar. This embroidered smock was made by Mary Butler Brame for her daughter Mary Brame Edward ('39) to take with her to Mary Washington College. It was the style at the time to wear smocks over everyday wear…

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Navy broadcloth flag with white stars and silhouette in white of a "Minutemen" figure. This flag was awarded to Mary Washington College from the United States Government for World War II war bond purchasing efforts.

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Ivory satin cloth flag with blue fringe and embroidery images of an eagle, book, serpent, and staff. Latin words, "Spes Anchora Vitae" (Hope is the Anchor of Life).
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